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We’re Physiotherapists and Runners

We get the hard work and dedication that goes into training and we know that there’s nothing more frustrating or disappointing than getting injured just as you’re making progress. That’s why we’ve created training programs that focus on helping runners stay injury-free.

Get Started in 2 Simple Steps

1. Choose a Program

Select the right program for you from our wide range of training programs and physiotherapy rehab plans. Or, get a custom-made program just for you.

2. Get a Complete Training Plan

In your personalized online training plan, you’ll find everything you need, including weekly workouts, strength training exercises, stretching routines and physiotherapy support resources.



Overcome injury and become a fast, resilient athlete.

Our programs go beyond basic training and rehabilitation. We fix the root cause of your injuries, help you rebuild strength, and turn you into a well-rounded athlete.


Workout at home, in your own time, at your own pace.

Runners don’t need fancy gym equipment or expensive personal trainers. Sprint Rehab programs include a library of over 100 running-specific exercises you can do at home.


Get Physiotherapy support whenever you need.

Running can get lonely, especially if you’re injured. But, we’re here to support you. As a member, you can set up weekly physio check-ins and email us whenever you want.

What Other Runners Say

I take comfort in knowing that I’m getting the best quality information from Sprint Rehab because Alina is a Physiotherapist who has significant training and expertise in designing exercise programs for runners and active people. The exercises are easy to follow and nicely complement the other sports I do. The videos demonstrate great technique and guide me in doing the exercises at home, at the gym, or even outside.

– Lindsay Van der Meer

Excellent online strength course for runners. Great videos explaining the movements and principles. Very well rounded and the workouts change each week to give you variety.

– Tony Moy

I did the half marathon training plan and found it really useful – I feel I’m running much stronger now so thank you!

– Ruth Walker

Loved this program! The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and really improved my running. I ran my 5th half marathon last weekend and PR’d 8 minutes!

– Hannah Ward

I am LOVING the workouts, thank you so much for this program

– Andrea Doney

Thank you for this rehab program. I like that it is structured with progression and with balance on all relevant muscle groups.

– James Marin

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As a member, you’ll get access to the latest, evidence-based information on injury prevention, rehab, training tips, and workout videos. 

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