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How to Foam Roll Your IT Band: 5 Physio Tips

Here are my simple tricks that make rolling more comfortable and overall much more effective. Firstly, if you’re a runner, foam rolling is a must. No excuses! Not only will it relieve tight muscles but it can also prevent common running injuries like ITB Syndrome and...

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What Causes IT Band Syndrome? A Physio Explains

It’s a condition affecting thousands of runners and the recovery can be frustrating and unpredictable. Part of the problem is that Physios and doctors haven’t yet mastered the perfect way to treat IT Band Syndrome. But, we’re getting closer! New research is uncovering...

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Fix Runner’s Knee: 7 Physio Tips To Recover Faster

Here's what frustrated patients often say when describing their Runner's Knee pain: “I’m getting a pain around my knee cap when I run. It’s been getting worse, and now it even hurts when I walk upstairs.” Does this sound familiar? In this article, I’ll explain what’s...

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How to Recover from IT Band Syndrome

To treat IT Band Syndrome successfully is possible but it requires a great treatment plan… and some patience. Unfortunately, It’s one of those injuries you can’t ignore or continue training through. You’ll need to make some changes, take a break and do some extra...

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