Beginners Core
& Glutes

$ 9.99 USD (one-time payment)

What’s Included:

✅ 4-week structured home workout plan
✅ 12 x 30-minute strength workouts
✅ 8 weeks unlimited access
✅ 100+ exercises in the video library
✅ video instructions with every exercise
✅ 24/7 Physio support
✅ private Facebook forum

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Program Details

This is a 4-week beginners strength program. It is perfect for runners who are new to core strengthening or recovering from injury.

The program is structured into 3 weekly workout sessions – 12 workouts in total. Every exercise has been filmed with a detailed video tutorial showing you exactly how to perform it with correct form, and what common mistakes to avoid.

This program has been designed by Alina Kennedy – running Physiotherapist & Strength Specialist so you can feel confident that it is high quality and safe for beginners.

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