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Essential Strength 

12-Week Training Program

Just for Runners

A training program focused on the unique strengthening needs of runners

Core & Glutes

Your abdominals and glute muscles stabilize your torso, control your running form and support your hips, knees & ankle joints. 

Leg Strength

The big muscles in your legs (your hamstrings, quads & calves) keep you moving forward and ultimately determine how fast you can run.

Explosive Power

Sprinting forward, getting up hills and finishing strong at the end of a race requires boosts of explosive muscle power.

Balance & Stability

Running is a single-leg sport – a series of leaps from one leg to the other. Having good balance & stability helps you run smoothly and prevent joint damage.


Stiff joints often lead to injuries. Good mobility & flexibility is essential for running well and avoiding injuries.

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$5.99/week (USD)

Charged weekly after free trial. Cancel anytime.

How it Works


1. Get a Step-By-Step Training Plan

This program has an easy-to-follow structure with set out weekly and daily workouts. As a member, you get access to a personalized training dashboard where you can see the entire program, choose your workouts and track your progress.


2. Complete the Structured Workouts

There are 36 workouts – 3 each week, over 12 weeks. Each workout is a circuit style with 6 different exercises repeated for 3 rounds. Each exercise features a detailed video tutorial that shows you the correct technique and muscle engagement.


3. Progress to More Advanced Exercises

There are over 100 running-specific exercises in the program. You’ll begin with basic, foundational strength and conditioning then advance to more challenging routines as you get stronger.

Program Details

This program is for runners looking for more effective, running-specific exercises to improve their core and glute strength, balance, stability, and flexibility for long term injury prevention and improved performance.           

This 12-week program is completely online with an easy-to-follow, week-by-week structure. There are detailed video tutorials for each exercise that will guide you through the correct muscle activation and ensure that you perform each exercise correctly.

As a member, you’ll also get access to a thriving community of like-minded runners, a comprehensive library of free resources and unlimited physiotherapy support.           

This program has been specifically developed for runners by Alina Kennedy, a physiotherapist, and running specialist. It focuses on not only making you a faster, more efficient runner but also on ensuring that you are strong enough to resist injuries.

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