Train for your fastest (or first) half marathon, injury-free.

Did you know that 1 in 3 runners get injured training for a half marathon?

Running injuries are very common, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Most injuries are caused by training errors that can be avoided. Mistakes like running too often, having too many repetitive workouts and not strength training enough are often the cause of running injuries.

Part of the problem is that most half marathon plans over-simplify the training and only focus on running miles. But, preparing for a half marathon requires more than just running as many miles as possible. Although you need to build up the necessary endurance, you also need to develop a strong, flexible and resilient body that will thrive in running all those miles and ultimately help you succeed on race day.

The Sprint Rehab program gives you a better way to train.

Developed by Alina Kennedy, a Physiotherapist and running specialist, this program isn’t just a running plan. It includes a variety of workouts each week in a structured plan. Along with long-distance runs, it includes sprinting, tempo and hill runs every week, PLUS at-home strength workouts and stretching sessions.

It has an interactive online dashboard that allows you to follow the program on any device, master exercises with our video tutorials, mark-off complete workouts and track your progress.

This Sprint Rehab program is backed by years of clinical research, experience and latest scientific evidence in running performance and injury prevention.

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The Half Marathon Plan Includes:


A 12-week structured training plan


3 runs (speedwork, tempo and long run) each week


2 at-home strength workouts each week


1 stretching workout each week


Detailed video tutorials for all exercises


Interactive progress tracker


Access to our comprehensive video exercise library


Unlimited Physio support

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I love this website! The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and have improved my running. Just ran my 5th half marathon last week and PR’d 8 minutes!

Hannah Ward

April 2019

I take comfort in knowing that I’m getting the best quality information from Sprint Rehab because Alina is a Physiotherapist who has significant training and expertise in designing exercise programs for runners and active people. The exercises are easy to follow and nicely complement the other sports I do. The videos demonstrate great technique and guide me in doing the exercises at home, at the gym, or even outside.

Lindsay Van der Meer

February 2019

I really enjoyed this program! The workouts were quick and easy. I could do them after my runs and it always felt like a good workout – especially with the resistance band. Highly recommend!

Liz Templeton

February 2019

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