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Half Marathon

12-Week Training Program

A comprehensive program with everything you need to run your best (or first) half marathon injury-free.

Each Week Includes:

3 Runs

Improve your stamina, speed, and form in preparation for the half marathon with a variety of running workouts. Each week includes three different runs – a tempo run, a speedwork session, and a long, slow run.

2 Strength Workouts

Strength training helps you run faster & reduces your injury risk. Every week features two 30-minute strength workouts targeting all the key muscles of the core, hips, and legs.

1 Stretch Session

Finish off each week with a stretching and foam rolling recovery workout. These sessions speed up tissue healing, improve your flexibility and get you prepared for the next week of training. 

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$5.99/week (USD)

Charged weekly after free trial. Cancel anytime.



Workout at Home or Outdoors

You won’t need a gym or any fancy equipment. All the exercises can be done at home with just a resistance band, foam roller, and a massage ball.


Master New Exercises

Feel confident about exercising at home. Every exercise includes a detailed video tutorial showing you exactly how to do properly and how to engage the right muscles. 


Track Your Progress

Mark off workouts as you complete them and track your progress on the dashboard. Each time you log in, you can pick up right from where you left off. 


Connect With Other Runners

Join a community of like-minded runners. Ask questions, get support and share you success on our private Facebook forum.


Get Unlimited Physio Support

Have questions about the program? Want to check your form? Have an injury concern? No problem, chat to a Physio whenever you want.

Did you know that 1 in 3 runners get injured training for a half marathon?

Most injuries are caused by training errors that can be avoided. Mistakes like running too often, having too many repetitive workouts and not strength training enough are usually the cause of most running injuries.

Unfortunately, most half marathon training plans focus only on the miles you run. But, preparing for a half marathon requires more than just improving your endurance. To perform at your best and avoid injuries, you also need to develop a strong, flexible and resilient body. That’s why you need a training plan that includes more than just a schedule of running miles. A good plan should have lots of variety and include different runs, cross-training, strength training, and recovery workouts. Sprint Rehab gives you just that.

This program isn’t just about running. It’s developed by physiotherapist and running specialist, Alina Kennedy and has everything you need to train at your best and stay injury-free.

It’s completely online and structured in an easy-to-follow, week-by-week format. You’ll be able to see and track all your workouts on the interactive dashboard and complete the program on your own, in your own time by following the detailed video tutorials.

Are you ready for a better training plan? Try the first week for free, we know you’ll love it!

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