Injury-Free Half Marathon

12-Week Training Plan

injury-free half marathon training plan

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This is a 12-week training plan designed to help you prepare for a half marathon. It features a comprehensive running schedule as well as cross-training & strength training workouts to optimize your performance and avoid injury.

What’s Included?

This training plan is a working excel document with a comprehensive 12-week workout program. It is completely customizable to your pace times and can be adjusted as needed. The plan also includes scheduled time for cross-training, strength training, and recovery workouts.

Before Starting This Program You Must Have:

1. Medical Clearance to Do Intensive Exercise

If you have any questions or concerns about your health, it’s important to check with your doctor and ensure that you are healthy enough to start a strenuous training program.

2. Consistently Run For At Least 6 Months

To use this program, you should be comfortable running 5km (3miles) and be used to training 3-4 days per week. This program is not suitable for beginners due to the demanding training schedule and a high volume of long-distance running.

3. No Current Injuries

You should not commit to this program if you have an injury or suspected injury. It is imperative that you start this training plan healthy and injury-free. If you are currently dealing with an injury, wait until you have clearance from a doctor or Physiotherapist to starting training.

How To Use The Program

1. Save the Excel document to your computer

2. Input your pace times in the ‘Pace Calculator’ on the left side of the document.

Add a pace for each distance. These do not need to be 100% accurate. You can estimate them based on your recent training or use times from recent races. You can always go back and adjust if you need to!

The document will automatically change the training plan to include all the right pace times for each training run.

3. Input your start date.

This should be 12 weeks from your race day.

4. Follow the plan as it is set out.

Program Features

In each week there are four scheduled workout days and three rest days. Three of the four workout days feature 60-minute training sessions split into a cardio/running workout and a strength workout. The last workout each week is your long-distance run.

Here are short descriptions of each type of workout included in the plan:

Interval Runs

These are maximal effort sprints and hill runs done in short burst intervals. These are scheduled once a week on Mondays and can be done either at an outdoor track or on the treadmill.

Tempo Runs

These are middle distance runs done at varying paces, slightly faster than a long-distance run. They’re designed to boost your fitness and improve speed.

Long Runs

Each week you will do one long run (scheduled on Saturdays). This run is designed to help you improve endurance and prepare yourself mentally to run a half marathon. These runs are done slower than your typical (or goal) half marathon race pace and focus just on distance, not speed.


Cross-training is an additional cardio (endurance) workout each week. Its purpose is to help you develop better fitness and stamina while at the same time giving your legs a break from the repetitive stress of running.

30-minute cross-training sessions are scheduled once a week, on Thursdays and they can include any type of cardio workout that is different to running. Cycling, swimming, and rowing are great options. You can also use the stepper or elliptical at the gym.

Strength Training

Strength training is a key component of this half marathon training plan. Not only does strengthening make you a faster runner, but it also significantly reduces your injury risk and improves your running gait.

We think strength training is so important that we have developed a half marathon specific workout plan. You can find it here: The workouts in our plan correspond with the strength sessions outlined in this training document.

The exercises in the Half Marathon Strength Program can all be done at home with just a few pieces of equipment. They focus on building up key running muscles as well as core strength and stability.

You can access the complete Half Marathon Strength Program including hundreds of video exercise tutorials and a step-by-step workout plan for just $4.25/week. To find out more and sign up, click here.

Recovery Weeks

Every fourth week in the training plan is a recovery week. During these weeks, you will significantly reduce your training volume and run much less. They are carefully scheduled times to give your body an extended rest and opportunity to recover and re-cooperate from the intensive training.

These weeks are crucial for avoiding over-training and preventing injury.  They will also prepare your body for the increase in training volume the following week.

Happy Running! I hope that you enjoy this program! If you have any questions, please reach out at [email protected]


injury-free half marathon

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