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Here’s what you need to know to get started.

1. the dashboard

This is where you’ll find everything you need – your rehab program, exercise library, progress tracker and physio support.

2. the program

There are 4 workouts each week – 3 strength sessions and 1 stretching session. Complete the workouts in the set order. The exercises will get progressively harder into the later stages of the program.

3. Physio Support

Schedule weekly check-ins with our Physio to stay on track and ask questions along the way. Email Alina – to get started.


What Equipment Do I Need?

The only equipment you’ll need for this program is:

  • resistance band
  • foam roller
  • massage ball

Every workout can be done at home! There’s no need to join a gym or buy any fancy, expensive equipment.

Before starting each workout, you’ll be able to see exactly what equipment you will need.

How Long Do The Workouts Take?

20-30 minutes! Quick and easy to fit in around your busy schedule.

Do I Have To Do The Workouts In The Order They're Set Out?

Ideally, yes. The program is structured to gradually build up your strength. Each week the exercises get progressively harder, adding onto the strength you have developed in earlier sessions. 

What If I Don't Finish All 4 Workouts In A Week?

That’s totally okay! Four workouts are optimal for your rehab, but understandably that’s not always possible with busy schedules. If you don’t finish all the workouts for a particular week, simply follow the workout structure in your own time, but don’t skip workouts. It is perfectly okay to shift a workout from a previous week into your current week. 

What If It Takes Me Longer Than 8 Weeks To Finish The Program?

No problem. There is no time limit to your membership. I have created this program with the most efficient schedule for people who can fit in four workouts per week. If you can only do 2 or 3 sessions per week, it will take you longer than 8 weeks to finish the program, but that is okay. Take your time and complete each workout when you can.

What If I'm Not Sure How To Do An Exercise?

Every exercise in the program includes a video tutorial and detailed explanation, but if you try it out and it doesn’t feel right, don’t be shy to reach out and ask for help! I’m happy to jump on a quick video chat with you and help you master any exercise you’re having trouble with!

What If I Have A Question About My Rehab?

Easy – shoot us an email and we can chat! We can set up weekly chats to touch base, and we’re always available to answer any questions you have.

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