Getting Started and FAQ

Hi there! Here you’ll find info about the Sprint Rehab membership, training and workout plans. If you have a question that isn’t here, please reach to us directly, we’ll be happy to help!

Getting Started

How Does The Strength Training Program Work?

The Sprint Rehab Strength Training Program is designed specifically for runners. It features four weekly workouts that focus on the key performance needs of runners.

Each week, runners get a new set of workout sessions including 2 core workouts, 1 plyometric workout & 1 recovery/stretching workout. The workouts are new and fresh each week giving you lots of variety to keep things interesting.

The workouts are circuit based as use low weight, high rep exercises, and short rest periods. This type of training is specific to the strength and endurance your muscles need to run long distances. Most importantly, the entire program has been designed to take into account the typical movements and stressors placed on distance runners so that it optimizes performance and reduces injuries.

What Does Membership Include?

Your Sprint Rehab membership gives you access to every workout released each week – that’s 2 core workouts, 1 plyometric workout and 1 stretching/recovery workout. You will also get unlimited access to our complete exercise library,  Physio support and our member’s only facebook forum. 

How Often Are The Workouts Changed?

Every week! We update the website every Monday morning (EST). Understandably people live in different time zones so this may mean you get the new program on Monday evening or Tuesday morning. We do our best to make it convenient for all so we keep it consistent  each week. Please look out for our emails – we’ll tell you as soon as the new workouts are available.

What Equipment Do I Need?

We’ve made the workouts easy to do at home or outdoors so we’ve only used absolutely essential equipment. 

For the core workouts, you’ll only need a theraband and occasionally some small hand weights. The stretching/recovery workouts include foam rolling and self-massage. For these sessions you’ll need a foam roller and massage ball.

Doing The Workouts

How Are The Workouts Structured?

Each workout is a circuit of exercises repeated for 2-3 rounds. The number and type of exercises change with each workout but sessions are designed to be no longer than 30 minutes.

The workouts are structured around low resistance, high repetition exercises to target muscular endurance. Rest period are minimal but do allow time to watch the video tutorials whenever necessary. 

Do I Need To Do Every Workout?

Ideally, yes. Every workout is important and focuses on something different. Completing every workout will give you the most comprehensive, balanced training routine and will optimize your results.

I'm Not Sure If I'm Doing An Exercise Correctly, Can You Help?

Yes! If you’re not quite sure about the correct way to perform an exercise, or something just doesn’t feel right you can email us for help. Simply take a video of yourself doing the exercise and send it to us with any specific questions. We’ll check your form and get back to you asap with suggestions.

Can I Swap The Session Order Around?

Yes. But, here are the rules you should follow: 

  • The recovery/stretching session should always be done on the day after your longest run. 
  • The Plyometric workout should be done on a non running day
  • The core workouts should be at least 2 days apart 


Can I Run On Strength Training Days?

Core strengthening sessions can be done on days when you are running. We recommend running BEFORE the strengthening session. You can also do a short, easy run on the recovery days. We don’t recommend running on the plyometric days.

Should I Cut Back On My Running To Fit In Strength Training?

We’ve created the strength training program to easily fit into your current training routine. However, if you are strapped for time, and need to choose between running or strength training on some days we recommend shifting your running days to non-strength training days.

I'm Tapering For A Race, Can I Continue Strength Training?

Absolutely! Strength training during the taper is a great way to ensure your body is in the best shape for race day.


What If I Have A Previous Injury Or Limited Mobility?

If you have a previous injury be smart and cautious about the exercises. Most often, a structured strengthening program is the best thing you can do to regain your strength and ideal mobility. However, make sure that you carefully follow the tutorials and do every exercise with the correct form. You should also get clearance from your doctor or Physio before starting any exercise program. If an exercise doesn’t feel quite right, or causes you pain, stop and email us for advice.

I'm Currently Injured, Can I Continue Strength Training?

If you are currently injured it is important that you are getting individualized treatment. Many of the exercises we prescribe in this program may not be appropriate for you to do so you need to get clearance from your doctor or Physio before starting. 

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