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IT Band Home Rehab

Physiotherapy Program

Structured physiotherapy treatment plan with everything you need to successfully rehab your IT Band injury at home

What’s Included In Your IT Band Home Rehab Program?

A structured week-by-week Physio rehab plan

Over 100 IT Band Physio rehab exercises

Easy-to-follow video tutorials for each exercise

Weekly progressions to more challenging exercises

A detailed return-to-running guide

Unlimited physiotherapy support and weekly progress check-ins


$7.99/week (USD)

Charged weekly after free trial. Cancel anytime.


This IT Band Home rehab program is for anyone who has been diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome and is ready to begin exercise rehab.

The program focuses on fixing the root cause of IT Band Syndrome which is a weakness, or imbalance, around the knees, hips, and core. Throughout the program you will get a structured series of hip & knee strengthening exercises, core stability, single leg balancing, running form drills, as well as stretching and foam rolling.  In total, there are over 100 exercises in the program, each one including a physio video tutorial and detailed description to help you feel confident doing each exercise on your own at home.

There are 3 workouts every week, each one taking 20-25 minutes to complete. There is no time limit to finish the rehab so if you miss a workout you can simply move it to the following week and complete the program at your own pace.

The program has been designed by our Physio, Alina Kennedy and follows the same treatment schedule she prescribes for her patients in the clinic.

it band rehab


To begin the IT Band home rehab program, you must:


Have a confirmed diagnosis of IT Band Syndrome from a doctor or physiotherapist


Have clearance from your doctor or physio to begin exercise rehab


Have no other significant injuries that could affect your ability to exercise safely at home

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