IT Band Syndrome

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Program Details

This is an 8-week Physiotherapy rehab program for runners with IT Band Syndrome. It’s a step-by-step structured plan with rehab exercises and a return-to-running guide.

The program is developed by running Physio & strength specialist, Alina Kennedy. It has been optimized to help you take control of your rehab at home without needing to go to weekly Physio appointments.

What you get


8-Week Structured Rehab Plan


4 Workouts Each Week


Detailed Exercise Video Tutorials


Weekly Physio Check-Ins


100+ Exercises in Library


Interactive Progress Tracker


IT Band Rehab & Return-to-Running Guide


I love this website! The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and have improved my running. Just ran my 5th half marathon last week and PR’d 8 minutes!

Hannah Ward

April 2019

I take comfort in knowing that I’m getting the best quality information from Sprint Rehab because Alina is a Physiotherapist who has significant training and expertise in designing exercise programs for runners and active people. The exercises are easy to follow and nicely complement the other sports I do. The videos demonstrate great technique and guide me in doing the exercises at home, at the gym, or even outside.

Lindsay Van der Meer

February 2019

I really enjoyed this program! The workouts were quick and easy. I could do them after my runs and it always felt like a good workout – especially with the resistance band. Highly recommend!

Liz Templeton

February 2019

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