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Get strong, run fast & crush your PR.

This program is all about making you a fast, efficient runner. Developed by sports Physio, Alina Kennedy, it’s a balanced strength program for the unique training needs of runners. With a focus on glute, hamstring and abdominal strength, this program targets the muscles that will get you running faster, even into the late stages of a race.

What You Get:

✅ Four New Workouts Every Week
✅ 2 Weekly Core Workouts
✅ 1 Weekly Plyometric Workout
✅ 1 Weekly Active Recovery Workout
✅ 100+ Exercises in Video Library
✅ Video Instructions With Every Exercise
✅ 12 Week Running Training Plan
✅ 24/7 Physio Support
✅ Private Facebook Forum

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You Might Be Wondering...

How is this program different to other training plans out there?

Years of testing and development have gone into the creation of this program by Physiotherapist, Alina Kennedy. It's backed by sports science and proven to work.

What makes this program ideal for runners?

This strength training program is designed specifically for runners, focusing on exercises that target the key muscles and movements runners need to run well. We place particular emphasis on developing core strength and single-leg stability to help you run with control and power, even during the late stages of a race.

The strength and conditioning needs of runners are different to other athletes. That's why our workouts are circuit based and use low weight, high rep exercises that mimic the demands of long distance running.

How is the program structured?

The Strength Training Program has 4 weekly workout sessions: 2 core workouts, 1 plyometric (power) workout and 1 recovery/stretching workout. The exercises are different each week but focus on similar muscle groups and movements.

Will I need a gym membership?

Nope! You won't need any gym equipment. We’ve made the workouts super easy to do at home or outdoors with just a few of small, essential pieces.

For the core sessions, you’ll need a theraband and occasionally small hand weights. That's it.

For the stretching/recovery workouts you’ll need a foam roller and massage ball.

What equipment will I need?

You will only need 3 things for this program: 

(1) A resistance band

(2) Foam roller

(3) Massage ball or tennis ball

That's it!

Is this program appropriate for beginners?

This program is an intermediate level and includes some advanced core exercises. However, it is safe for beginners who are ready for a challenge.

If you are totally new to core strengthening exercises I would recommend doing our Beginners Core Strength program first. 

What support will I get?

All our members can join our private facebook forum. Here you can connect with other runners to ask questions and share your progress.

Physio, Alina Kennedy is also available via email for any questions you may have.

I’m recovering from an injury, can I do this program?

If you are currently injured or have recently been injured you must get clearance from a doctor or Physiotherapist to start strength training. Although strengthening is essential in all injury rehab, you might need a tailored program that targets your particular injury.

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