Strength Training For Runners

Video Series

Episode 1: Introduction

LENGTH: 7:38

If you’re like most runners, you’re probably not doing as much strength training as you know you should. Often it’s because finding out what to do and then trying to fit it into a busy schedule just seems too difficult. In this video series, Alina Kennedy simplifies strength training for runners and shows you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

Alina is a Physiotherapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and an avid runner. She works with runners on all things injury rehab, prevention, and performance improvement.


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Series Overview

Episode 2. LENGTH: 14:05

Anatomy & Physiology of Running


Episode 3

Strength Training Principles

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Strength For Injury Rehab & Prevention

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Finding Your Strengths & Weakness (Self Assessment)

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Creating Your Training Plan

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Balance & Core Strength (Bonus Workout)

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Hypertrophy Training (Bonus Workout)

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Plyometrics (Bonus Workout)

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Progressions and Lifting Heavy

Coming Soon

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